Our first big fishing trip.  Troy had to pull out the big net for this one.

Somebody else caught this one….  Fishing was a little slow, we were after crappie and whatever bass were to be found.  The bass season does not open til 3rd weekend in June so this one was thrown back til later.  The lilly pads are just coming up so snagging hooks and bobbers in the lilly pads was not a problem.  i think one more week for the crappie to really start when they head to the spawning beds

Found the loons in the back bay.  Looks like they are back to nesting in the shoreline this year.  last year they picked 25 feet off a dock back in the bay, which seemed strange and did not work well for them.  The chicks last year did not make it.  Looks like they stand a better chance this year.  Troy was the loon photographer this time and took this single pic as I was busy searching out the bass