I have been so busy with painting this week it was nice to have Rob Moore up at the resort.  When he is here I am always gaurantteed some beautiful pics for the blog.  So today’s pics are all thanks to Rob!  Kudos Rob.  I loaded the pic above bigger than normal for all the screen saver gurus out there

Rob and Doug fished for 3 days.  I heard the perch were biting big time.  They also thought they saw 2 pairs of loons on the lake which would explain all the hooting and hollering I heard as I was varnishing Norway yesterday.

Rob caught this picture back in the bay showing our usual pair nesting

This is my favorite pic, as Rob caught something I never have.  Do you see the bird in this picture taken by the boat docks

I never would have thought of looking for an owl in the middle of the day.  I forgot to ask Troy before I left what kind of owl this is, I am sure out in blog land there is an owl identifier.

Thanks again Rob