I heard the engines firing up down at the beach as I was heading out with a bucket of paint.  Rob my guest photographer thankfully took a minute to capture the launching of the Raft version 2.0.  The raft broke loose from its first anchor last week and has spent a week anchored down at Holiday and Norway til we had time and the wind died down.  Nothing is more commical than trying to drag the raft into position with white caps on the lake.  Steve headed off in the boat with his copilot Olja to see if it could be done today.

Dragging the raft back is a slow and steady process.  It is still better than dealing with rush hour traffic anyday.  Trick Steve is trying to do is do it in reverse, I prefer to use a longer rope and have the boat in forward but each to their own.  We have all done this task at one time or another and lived to tell the tale

Troy  and Steve making sure the anchor rope is tied on tight.

Ok is everything aligned properly with the stars and moon?  Time to drop anchor….  Hey what is that yellow rope floating in the water…..  Is it the top of the broken anchor from the other day….

Anchor number 2 launched in the water.  Hey Steve see if you can get your hands on the old floating anchor rope.  The old anchor rope broke where it attached to the raft and rope floats so the guys did not want to waste a 2nd good anchor at the bottom of the lake and decided to tie the 2nd old one on as well

The raft has never been attached to, 2 anchors at one time, this year I think we are pretty sure it will not be moving much.  Question is how many anchors will we have by the end of the summer will both anchor lines hold.  A summer never goes by that we do not have to atleast once rescue the run away raft.

Any complaints on the raft placement, see Craig these 2 are done with the raft til fall

Bring on Summer 2009 we are ready for the first swimmers.

Thanks again to Rob for catching these pictures.  You have a job as honoary blog photographer anytime.  Rob’s sister Vicki was sad to see her floating sun raft leave Holiday’s dock area she had been enjoying catching rays down at those docks.  Time to swim to the raft Vicki, remember the bikini next time:)