Hi Jenny,
>> I’m not sure if you remember me or my family, but my name is Patrick
>> Schmick…..our family had vacationed at your family’s beautiful resort
>> for
>> close to 20 years.  In fact, we loved the Northwoods so much my parents
>> purchased a property so they could spend more time up there.
>> I’ve been following the Birch Bark Blog for a couple of years now, and
>> absolutely love it.  I definitely spend more time than I should at work
>> admiring the photos, and longing for more time up north.  The memories
>> that
>> our family has at your resort are irreplaceable, and that’s a credit to
>> the
>> work that you and your family has put into the vacation spot.
>> In fact, this year at my company’s holiday party, I ended up running into
>> Ted Perry from Fox 6.  You had mentioned his radio spot from the resort,
>> and as soon as I mentioned that I had vacationed at Blacks Cliff, we must
>> have had a half hour conversation about our memories.
>> In recent years, the number of housekeeping resorts as dramatically
>> decreased, but the strong has survived.  Your family has provided a
>> product
>> second to none, for several generations.  You don’t provide a place to
>> stay, you provide experiences, and memories.  One just has to read the
>> blog
>> and a few comments, to realize the special place you really have.  As
>> someone who has Finance and Marketing degrees, as well as an MBA, I can
>> tell you that almost all Fortune 500 companies would die for an
>> organization and customers like yours.
>> I just wanted to send you my comments, as I’ve followed the blog forever,
>> but never really commented.
>> Keep up the great work, the fantastic photos, and maybe we’ll run into
>> each
>> other sometime in the beautiful Northwoods.
>> Take care.

Thanks Patrick I will keep the fingers typing and the pictures uploading, glad you enjoy the 5 minutes in the woods each day that many others do too.  Stop in sometime when you are in the neighborhood