Memorial Day Weekend has arrived along with a few of the Ice Out 2009 runners up.  The prize for the runners up is a 5 dollar token to Hilltop’s Rathskellar.  Cliff came out to make an appearance to deliver a couple fo the tokens

Cliff sneaking up on an unsuspecting winner

Marie Voight (better known as Oma) receiving her token.  Who will she find to go down for a rootbeer float at Hilltop with her.  Anyone seen Victoria?

Shortly after Marie got her token, Mike Grady drove in the driveway for his week of peace and quiet at Eagles Nest with his wife Ruth.  Looks like Mike will be heading to Hilltop with Ruth for a beer or float.  Where did Ruth go… she missed meeting Cliff

In other news…

The first volleyball game of the summer took place.  While Gail’s twins were sleeping she managed to get in a big game with Victoria..  Who won, I am sworn to secrecy