Cool nights we temps going down to 29 tonight ment a perfect night for a campfire and the 1st smores of the summer.

Motto of any campfire, build it and they will come.  Never fails if a fire is built it is a magnet of hungry kids looking for marshmellos and adults looking to stare at mesmorizing coals.  Build a fire and you will not sit by yourself for long

Poe enjoying the warmth and daring to put his head close to the fire.  The life of a resort dog is a tough life

The darker it gets the more ideas that come out on how to entertain.  Sometimes it is guitars, singing… but when Jake is around it is much more colorful.  He learned this trick from the infamous boy scouts better known as “The Buck Boys”  Only Boy Scouts would hold the secret to this invention.  See Jake for a special effects campfire lesson