There is a reason that I have fireplace rules posted next to each fireplace.  There is a reason that there are metal buckets placed all over the resort for people to put fireplace ashes in

This would be the reason.  Folks in Norway thought the ashes were cold and put them in a bag on the porch.  I do not want to think about what could have happened here.  Luckily it was caught in time.  Not before the wicker couch leg caught and smoldered but duck tape has its uses.  Troy has a new project to work on, this should not take long, it could have been much worse.  Just glad nobody got hurt and the cabin is still standing

Ashes from the fireplace is one of the most dangerous things around the resort when you mix it with the general public.  This is not the first time this has happened and will not be the last.  My scariest one, was when I went to mop a cabin, grabbed the mop bucket under the sink and found the bottom of the bucket had melted to the linoleum under the sink.  Someone had but hot ashes in the mop bucket and put the bucket under the sink.  Amazing what people will do

One note to everyone with the metal buckets, to think about.  Never leave these buckets with ashes next to a cabin.  We have seen a fire start next to a building, always place them out away from the cabins by the garbage can.  Ashes can smolder for a day or so.  Never throw them in the woods, just leave them in the metal bucket  by the garbage can.  We will take care of them.  Is anyone getting the general rule here “only put ashes in a metal bucket, put bucket by garbage can.”  Better yet DO NOT CLEAN OUT YOUR FIREPLACE!  There really is no need to clean out ashes everyday, the fireplaces operate better with ash in them.  Rarely have I ever seen a fireplace so full that someone needed to clean it out to operate it.  I would much rather we take care of ashes than have guests do it.  I only leave the metal cans around because people seem to think they need to do this and if I don’t leave the metal buckets out they will use paperbags like seen above.

Ok that was a little ranting and raving that I usually do not do on the blog but ashes and the general public are 2 things that do not mix