Why no blog entries the last 2 days…. easy answer…. The fish are biting!  Spend time at the computer or go fishing for crappie….  The mayflies have been thick.  The lake was completely still yesterday and they mayflies were landing on the lake to be snapped up by hungry fish.  All you could hear was the snap, snap and occasional splash as the fish were jumping for the mayflies

The Carp have also been in the shoreline among the boat docks spawning.  It is neat to see these big fish in that you do not see the rest of the year.  They spend their lives eating off the bottom of the lake in the deepest parts 50 weeks on the year, but for 2 weeks you can find them in the shoreline cruising through looking for a date

All this fish action brings out the poles

Fishing even from the shoreline has been fun this week.  Especially when Troy trims the tree branches to make casting easier