Wendy Klass caught the Blue Heron invading the raft.  Since there have been few to no swimmers this week it had no competition a spot on the raft

The eagle can swoop all he wants I am not giving up my spot.  Maybe a cute female heron will spot me out here and let me fluff her feathers.

Think Troy will get annoyed if I poop on the raft?  I am sure he will not notice

Hey you guys stay on that side of the lake… there really aren’t any fish on this side…

Run kids and don’t listen to that foul mouthed Heron, I know who your father is….  I thought the eagles were bad….

Heron’s rule, ducks drool

All the pictures today were compliments of Chris and Wendy Klass.  They spent the week remembering chasing their kids around the resort and wishing they had made it this year instead of having to work.  Instead they were entertained by watching the antics of the local bird population.  Thanks for the great pics?  Did Chris really make it in the lake since he was carrying a beach towel at 40 degrees…. we shall always wonder