The following note is from one of our log books in the cabins.  I thought it summed up some of the reasons everyone should spend time away from the chaos of life and more time locked in a cabin with rain and family

June 4 – 7th

This was our first trip up here from Illinois.  I learned many new things about myself and others.  I learned I have a problem with walking in on others in the restroom.  I learned that one particular gentleman likes fudge and tells big fish stories.  I learned one particular member of my family well be getting help for his snoring problem.  I learned what it is like to relax and read a book again and ride a horse.  I relearned that I talk too much and keep others awake when I’ve been drinking and what a hangover is.  I learned that boats banging against the dock at night sound like someone dribbling a basketball. and loons sound like someone screaming.  I will bring something to run with noise next time.  I learned that this is a beautiful place to come and look forward to coming back again with our bestest friends and family.  (If they ever invite us again)  It was a great trip wish we could have stayed longer

Lena IL