Once in awhile it is time to do some work to the old green boats.  Some of the boats date back to the 50’s.  Some say the green paint is the reason they stay afloat, others say the pounds of extra paint weigh them down.  The Lusitania is probably from the 70’s as it was at one time a beautiful pink color.  A few fishermen objected to having a pink boat and the color changed to green.

Craig decided a few of the old seats needed some TLC for the next 50 years.  A little boat remodeling started.  Anyone that knows Craig knows that fixing wooden seats and transoms (The back of the boat where the motor connects) is one of his favorite things to do (you think I am kidding…  no I am not, honestly he likes to do it)

One of the pluses of being retired is you get to pick the jobs you do.  He may not look thrilled, but keeping an old boat going for another 50 years thrills the thrifty Craig.

Putting the old boat back together good as new, minus green paint on the seats for one year.

This is the first blog entry that is going live on Facebook.  We are feeding the Birchbark Blog on to Facebook through our Mascot Cliff.  If you look up Cliff Black on Facebook you will get announcements whenever The Birchbark Blog is updated.  Explaining to people why you are friends with such an interesting looking guy on Facebook could also be entertaining.  We were unable to hook the Blog up to the Fan page of Black’s Cliff Resort which was my goal but this is the next best thing.  Will Cliff make it to Twitter… stay tuned but don’t bet on it