Why no posts the last few days…  sometimes the camera just does not make it out of the house….  I missed a pic of a huge snapping turtle laying eggs down by the cementary…  missed pic of a huge doe along side the road and many other things…  but it just did not come together for an entry…

Until….  Troy inspired me to talk about garbage.   Garbage and the general public is the topic of many conversations around the resort.  From the fishermen who do not double bag or trip bag their fish guts and temps sore to 80 plus degrees to well intended people who try to help bring their garbage over to the dumpster area and put it in the wrong container.

This would be the mail dumpster, the source of the fish smell in the resort at the moment.  All fishermen take note here, double bagging fish guts is very important, this stinky thing does not leave until Wednesday morning and temps on Tuesday will be 85.    There is a Sam’s Club bag of baking soda in it right now keeping the smell down, if it gets bad we will be wrapping the stink bomb in tarps until Tuesday night when it gets unwrapped for early morning pick up.  Also notice the special metal bucket next to the dumpster.  These buckets are where ashes go, cold ones, hot ones, and ones that look like they are out but if thrown in the dumpster could cause the fire department to arrive.

Notice the sign on the main dumpster.  We recycle and you can help us by not putting recycling items in the dumpster that we have to dive in and pull out.

Here is where things get interesting.  Notice the signs.  We no longer have the green bins on the side of the shed.  We now have a dumpster for recycling items (this does not include fish guts).  The little black one is for aluminum cans.

Please notice the sign says Plastic, Glass and cans (Troy ran out of letters it should say tin cans).  It does not say Cardboard.  Please feel free to burn cardboard in your firpit or throw it in the dumpster.  No regular garbage goes in this dumpster.  The sign says it all

Now the most important container.  This container will be sending the Gibson boys to college.  All aluminium cans you throw in this black container go to their college fund.  It you throw in crushed ones the boys owe you one, as they have to dump this container out and stamp the cans with their feet and rebag them to be sold this fall.  When the bees are around mid summer this can be a dangerous job not for the faint of heart

Helping keep these containers straight by reading and following the signs makes our lives much easier and less stinky, and no visits from the firedepartment for cabins burning down or dumpsters on fire.  We appreciate the help.

Tune back in tomorrow for the best way to orgainze your vacation in a spread sheet I have ever seen