Most of the time it is the oldest child who likes sceduals and orgainizes the family.  This job in the Wilson family falls to the youngest Judy who takes it to a new level.  Secretly however, everyone else enjoys the fact that they do not have to wonder what is for dinner, who is keeping an eye on Grandpa or if anyone is skinny dipping

There is time for Free time, but Judy makes sure everyone knows where they are going each day

My favorite part of the grid is Grandpa Share.  Grandpa Wilson is 89 and everyone takes time to be with him and keep an eye on where Grandpa is headed to, the beach stairs are a worry this year

Activities and FREE TIME!  I hear the professional water ski instructor costs almost as much as the boat, and she does not get in the water.  She does gaurantee to get everyone up with instruction from shore.  We shall see if Sue’s idea of the instructor is a success or not at 75 dollars an hour.  I have volunteered my services for a deal at 70/hour…  Where are Bungar, Kevin and Paul when you need them?

Dinners can be an adventure with this family as well.  I have heard rumors about the Adults Only night at Jacobi’s in the past.

Rumor has it there is a fortune teller in Minocqua.  Thanks to Sue’s sluething they will be headed to the fortune teller.  Can you tell there is a lot of extrogen in this family.  I do not see fishing or golfing on the agenda

I have never seen schedualed and annouced Skinny Dipping.  We shall see what comes of this activity.  What are Sardines…. that is a Wilson Family Secret

What will come of the week and the schedual?  I do not know…  stay tuned….  I hear Judy is going into the vacation planning business and can bring order to anyone’s vacation that is needed.  I see a reality show in the making…  Judge Judy and the Wilson Sisters on Vacation