Things have been getting a little weird at the Cliff with 5 days of clouds and 50 degree temps.  The lack of Vitamin D from the sun has started to effect personalities.  We have decided that it is feeling more like winter than the 4th of July so the decorations been as off kilter as the weather

Christmas meets the 4th of July.

Santa was happy to come out of the attic for the occasion especially when Linda stopped by on her way to beach.  Linda was determined to atleast try on her swim suit and absorb a ray or 2 through the thick clouds.

Cliff came out of the closet as well to borrow Linda his extra thick blaze orange hat that he prizes so much.

Linda and Cliff had a chat about Ice Out 2010.  Did Linda get any inside info out of Cliff on the date to pick for Ice Out 2010…. we shall never know, I do know Linda walked off with the orange hat.

Cliff really has a rough life

Hey Al, if Santa gets to get out of the attic so do we.

Earl did you here about the Christmas in July Party?  I hear it is complete with relatives, holiday punch and reindeer antlers

Marv talk to Cliff and see if you can find the time and place!  Christmas Party Crashers

Hey don’t forget me…  Why a Christmas Party…  Halloween is always 2nd fiddle to Christmas..  Time to Crash the party

Tune back in tomorrow for Christmas in July party… will the sun come out… will the relatives get along… just bring some alcohol and a dish to pass