Insert music to Clint Eastwood movie here.  The music they play as Clint is heading for a shoot out with the guys in the movie Good The Bad and The Ugly.  Troy headed down the driveway with his weapon to take on the monster in the septic

Only a show down with a reluctant septic could get a crowd like this out in the driveway at 58 degrees with stories of preasure release and toilet paper in the trees.  Would the preasure be enough to launch into the trees?

The septic clean out…. what lies behind the screw off lid?

Back up and have the kids close their eyes.  Troy ready to run if needed

Fountain… no geyser….  This is the kind of wholesome family entertainment that folks come to Black’s Cliff for.  In the end everything was flowing smoothly and Troy made it back for Rubarb Crisp for desert