If you were looking for pictures of the parade in Minocqua, you will have to look else where as the blog writer and crew were cleaning cabins during the parade.  Instead we made it in for a great ski show put on by The Minocqua Bats, started out complete with suits and ties

Love to know their drycleaning bill on the suits, wonder if they get all the wrinkles out

The kids favorite part, the big twin motor boat up in the air

Usually one of the best parts of the show is watching the little Flibber boat jump the wake between the 2 ski boats.  Tonight they had a little issue, the motor fell off the boat….. Opppppssss someone forgot to tighten up the motor….  A bunch of the Minocqua Bats dove in to help rescue the Flibber and find the motor.

Honest, I tightened down the motor…  I am sure it was some form of domestic terrorism….  Eventually the motor was retrieved from the bottom of the lake

Gary found one of his relatives in the stands and they exchanged moonshine recipies.  Where is Linda??  Ohh yes, she is underneath, Gary’s new friend.

Gary’s relative, Bubba, searching the water for the missing motor

Harness jumping, all 3 of these guys are connected, one falls they all fall, hopefully not on top of one another

Happy 4th of July from Minocqua and The Birchbark Blog