Beware of heading to Hilltop with 15 members of your family on the big pontoon boat and what may happen to the pontoon boat while The Hixson Family is unaware and having a good time at Tommy’s Bar…..  Especially when the teenagers at the resort catch wind of an unattended pontoon boat

Trouble coming around the bend.  Insert music to Mission Impossible or James Bond

Landed and mission underway.  Watch out for Terry and Tim, I hear Mike is a Marine and Tom has been known to make young children tremble…  If you get spotted just jump in the water and swim for the resort

Paddling Pontoon Boat to spot, get away boat ready to retreat to safer waters.  Missing picture is the folks from Hilltop watching the boys and laughing.

One small problem, where is the anchor for the pontoon?  Quick untie the anchor from the get away boat and put it on the pontoon.  Hey was that the bar door slamming….. is Terry on his way?  Get the anchor attached and lets get out of here!

Come on guys hurry up I hear Terry coming.  Did you wipe the boat for finger prints, I hear Brigid brought her finger printing stuff on vacation and she knows how to use it…

Mission Accomplised and escape plan executed… Just another day in the Northwoods.  Which of the Hixson’s would be the one to swim out to get the boat?  That may remain a mystery never to be revealed  Last I heard Craig was being blamed for moving the boat little does anyone know who actually did it, except readers of the Birchbark Blog