Long time Black’s Cliffers will recognize Dawn (Ding Dong as she was nicknamed by Steve many years ago) she helped out and watched Jenny, Katie and Steve at the beach for many summers  in the 70’s and early 80’s even though she herself never learned how to swim.  She now returns to the resort with her own kids every 4th of July to enjoy a week at the Cliff.  I gave her the latest floatie at the resort to lounge in bought at Walmart.  Dawn’s idea of floating is to always stay upright and be able to touch the bottom as her swimming ability has never improved.  I thought a lounging chair would be perfect….

Gloria decided to join Dawn in trying out the new lounge chair.  Dawn was trying to figure out the safest way a non swimmer could get into it and stay above water.  Gloria was still in shock over the water temp to give her much help

Instructions were read and carefully followed

Jenny, you have tested this out correct….. My response was “sure Dawn no problem it is great… actually I have never tried them…..”  Dawn was game to be the guinea pig and Gloria was ready to save her if needed

Wahooooo…..  I am not so sure about this……  I remember a carnival ride at the old Hazelhurst Carnival that started like this and ended badly

Gloria thankfully saves Dawn and is happy she let Dawn try it first.  The floaty chairs were thrown on shore and the old black inner tubes were used.  Dawn stayed above water and that is the most important thing… I learned you had better be prepared to be wet if using the chairs…  I think I will wait til it is 90 and humid to give them a try