40 plus folks from the resort this week took the annual rafting trip through Hawke’s Nest Outfitters.  They have done the Manotowish River the last 2 years and this year decided to try something different and took the Wisconsin River trip in Eagle River.  It was 2 1/2 hours down the river, 14 dollars for tubes and 20 per person for a raft

The great launch, everyone managed to find a spot in a raft or tube

The water was down in the river and the first part was a bit of a challenge dragging rafts and going over rocks

Bailing out the raft after discovering a hole from a previous trip down.  Glad we brought cups along, we felt a bit like the Titanic.  The river got deeper and the float started

Dawn steering her raft and watching for rocks

We got a little worried when we spotted this pirate flag on shore.  Would pirates ambush us from the shoreline?

We got even more worried when we felt we were being watched from the house on the shoreline.  From a distance the boobs that defied gravity gave us a hint that we were safe and there was not a pervert parading naked on the shoreline

Will eyeing up the trout swimming between his legs.  How big were they Will?  Note to Will, next time bring a fishing pole

Pull, Buck PULLLLL

Hitting the small rapids in the river.  Yahoooooo

Watch out for teh rock in the middle of the river

Walking back up the river for another run through the rapids

Kids enjoying the trip through the rapids, feet up

Lunch time, Gary enjoying lunch in the middle of the river without a care in the world.  This is what vacation is all about

Boats pulled up on shore for a shoreline lunch below the rapids

Linda and Gloria on Potty Patrol.  Girls to the left, Boys to the Right cover up with the bushes and don’t wipe with poison ivy

Terry the ring leader of the raft trip, about to be run over by his family.

Here is to best friends, a fun river and a great afternoon…