The 4th of July week means time for the annual Horseshoe Tournament.  The saying “almost only counts in Horseshoes and Handgranades” is the motto this week

The organizer of the tournament over the past 14 years, Mr. Tungett.  He has managed to make sure everyone knows where they are supposed to be in the right order

Our grand referee Mr. Tom Hixson (also known as the great god of horseshoes “Oh No”.  He keeps order with a golf club.

The official horseshoe scoreboard

Great show down between Dawn and Katie to get to the finals.  Dawn had been in horseshoe training in the offseason

Katie claimed to not have played in 3 years.  We started to have doubts about this as she made it to the semi finals only to be taken down by Dawn in this match.  She had a dead eye for the horseshoe stake but it was not enought to take out Dawn and her partner Tim

In the end it came down to calling in “Oh No” to make the call

The awards ceremony is always something to not miss.  Everyone grabbed some dirt and followed Oh No

Julia and Ryan getting instructions from Oh No…  What do they do with the dirt?

Throw it at Grandpa… I mean Oh No as the opening ceremony to the awards ceremony 2009

Oh No’s lovely prize assistant… Son of Oh No being welcomed to the ceremony

Dawn and Tim the 2nd place whiners… I mean winners displaying their prizes

Our 1st place winners, Mandy Hixson and Buck Cass.  Congrats to them.  Once again Terry did not get on the plaque continuing a 14 year drought

Our 2009 1st and 2nd place winners along with Mr Tungett and Oh No

What to do after a great afternoon of horseshoes?  Time for a picnic

Bring your dish to pass, meat cooked promptly at 6pm or you miss the goodies on the table.  Lots of great food was enjoyed and recipes shared

See you all again in 50 weeks when we gather again and Linda remembers not to sit at the end of the table for me to get catch her chewing while trying to smile.