It has been 6 long days of computer problems.  It started with my computer crashing on Sunday afternoon.  Luckily I had a computer guru staying in Holiday who took time between rounds of golf over 2 days to determine that I had a bunch of viruses.  He tried to get them off the computer, in the end decided to wipe the comptuer and start over.  We were almost back on line on Tuesday and doing one last scan when it was discovered that the hard drive had picked its moment to cough its last breathe, a condition separate from the viruses

Blog readers will remember that just in Feburary I had another case of faulty hard drive…  Why I seem to be a magnet for faulty hard drives is hard to say, but it has caused more headaches this year than I care to have happen again.  My family and friends are scared that I have the ginx and will not let me touch their computers and hard drives

Wednesday morning my local computer outpost guy where I bought the computer from told me that it would be til Friday to get the new hard drive.  Turns out Thursday afternoon I finally had my hands on a working computer.  All afternoon was spent reinstalling book marks, pictures, getting the email going, remembering all the usernames and passwords.  By that time it was time to go to out to dinner and the new Harry Potter movie, with the intention of updating Friday morning.  Movie was great, the best Harry Potter since the first one, it actually makes sense and you can follow the story line.  Friday morning rolled around and I went to plug my computer in….. no power cord….. it was left at Katie and Bryon’s where I had been reinstalling everything…..  Katie says she has errands to run and will bring it out to the resort at noon.  I say fine and could you pick up the storm window from H and T Glass for Norway that just got fixed.  Mike and Cindy would not like a repeat of the bat from last night in the cabin that snuck in through the inch hole left by the missing window…  Katie says fine I will do both….  she shows up at the resort proudly with the window in hand but forgot the power cord…..  This resulted in me running to town to get the missing power cord…..  pit stop on the way for a fresh brat from TJ Butcher Block Brat Fry on the way to Katie’s house….  pick up the power cord…. call Troy along the way to ask if he would like a fresh brat with kraut since we never have kraut…  2nd stop at TJ”s for a 2nd brat and home by 3:30 with brat in hand and a power cord

This is how the week has been going.  I promise new pictures coming tonight or tomorrow.  A week without a computer I recommend Harry Potter and lots of Brats to make the time pass quicker