There is a rule around the resort that when you have a problem just ask around because you never know what talents are hiding around in the cabins from OGGYN”s, Car Repairmen, Electricians, Nurses and Counselors.  With my computer on the fritz this week with a nasty virus and faulty hard drive it was nice to have one of the best IT guys the US Government keeps secret.  Thanks to Mark for his hours of trying to get Black’s Cliff back on line.

Make an announcement that kids can make money by filling a wheelbarrow with pinecones and you should have seen the yard get picked up quickly.  A dollar a wheel barrow load sounds really good when you are 8 and headed to Paul Bunyan in the morning with a dream of a pop gun.  Even fingers stinking together from pine pitch didn’t stop this entrepreneur from earning his first dollars ever.

Full wheel barrow = 1.00

You never know the people you will meet driving in our driveway to stay at the resort.  Vince and Julie are organic vegetable and chicken farmers.  We swap rent on the cabin for organic frozen chickens.  This is the 2nd time we have swapped like this and the taste of their chickens from Coon Creek Farm are hard to describe compared to store chickens.  There is actually meat on the wings.  There chickens are moved 4 times a day to a new pasture and are tucked in at night away from owls.  I can’t wait to taste one of their turkeys this fall.  The turkeys just arrived and are still in the barn which is why Vince and Julie could get away from the farm for a few days.

Olga who has worked at the resort for over 13 years is also in on the organic chickens.  She was thrilled to buy some chickens.  Vince and Julie heard she has a craving for chicken feet and brought her a special treat.  Olga usually has to travel to Milwaukee to find chicken feet.  I can’t wait to taste what she makes from them.  Olga is from Guatemala originally where they raised all their own food and nothing was ever wasted.   The chickens from Vince and Julie are a special treat that the taste reminds her of home.  Who knew chicken feet were a delicacy?

More and More roofing…. Troy pulling the old rotten roofing off the pagoda at the top of the steps

Char keeping an eye on Craig as the summer 2009 roofing project continues at Muskie Inn.  He now has the main house, and Kaubashine done, and is half done with Muskie and Shamrock.  It is starting a little funny around here with roofs half rolled roofing and half shingles but he is learning to spread his noise around a day here and a day there before he wears out his welcome

In the meantime….. downloading….  swearing…..  thinking evil thoughts about hard drives