The perfect bird feeder has been found!  This is a Droll Yankee Squirrel Flipper.  If the squirrels jump on the green bar at the bottom of the feeder it activates a rechargeable battery that spins them off, if a bird lands it is not heavy enough to activate the flipper.  I call this resort entertainment.  The first round with the squirrels happened in the wee hours of the morning and I do not have pictures of them being flipped.  I did hear alot of commotion though at 6am and can imagine what happened

The feeder was placed to drive the squirrels nuts.  It is right in a tree hung on a limb.  If they want to jump to it from the trunk of the tree they can if they dare and go for a carnival ride.  This squirrel had already been flipped a few times and was carefully approaching from the backside going stealthily up the tree

Approaching from the top carefully, sneaking up on the bird feeder with attitude

The only safe place a squirrel can be on this feeder, on the top of it.  It has a metal top, no chewing can effect it.  This guy is puzzled wondering where to go from here

Carefully heading down the pole.  Insert music from a strip club here

This was as far as the little bugger got before he slide off the pole.  The enjoyment from watching this from our kitchen window is equal to the price of the Flipper.  To buy one of these feeders you need to get perverse enjoyment from frustrating squirrels, but it is worth every penny