Sometimes when you have lived for a long time in an area you get stuck only going to certain places or doing certain things.  I challenge everyone to take out the map of your area and find some places you have never been to close to home, or while you have been visiting the resort we have amazing areas around every corner.  In the Northwoods there are so many lakes, trails and historic spots that with our busy lives we never take the time to go to.  We decided to go on an adventure just 10 minutes from the resort to Hancock Lake.  We were geo caching with our entrepreneuring friend Grace

Shoving off the boat landing in to the unknown.   If you have never been in a kayak it is truly a fun experience being maneuverable in the water and close to it while staying nice and dry.  Kayak’s are also light weight and easy to paddle.  We were off on a multi stage Geo Cache

Our leader with the GPS, Grace.  This is the best thing about Geo Caching is the interesting out of the way places you are led to.  We were off in the Kayak’s after the cache

Destination was the stump on the shoreline, easy for Kayaks to get to

One thing that was discovered is the need for mud shoes.   I see a trip to Walmart soon before following Grace on the next adventure

Searching…. Searching and more Searching…. Where is the cache…..  We got skunked!  No cache

Only thing we found was these creepy looking skeletons….  We later learned the cache must have been muggled (stolen by nongeocachers)

No Cache but time to have fun in the Kayak’s paddling around the lake.  Grace in one of the inlets tried to see how deep it was.  I guarantee none of us were in any hurry to jump in no matter how hot it was

Certain people were more interested in what they could fish up with their paddle and dump on the back of their mom’s kayak……

The locals were happy to see us leave so they had the lilypads to themselves

Sidenote:  The lily pad flowers in the picture look pretty but are protected and there is a 500 dollar fine if you are caught picking them.  I highly recommend enjoying them from a distance.  They also are a bit stinky