Why would a hat like this be perfect for a vaction in the Northwoods when you are not a regular beach goer

It is the perfect vacation hat when you enjoy splitting wood on vacation over sitting behind a desk at work.  All firepit users can thank Ted and Troy for their split pine wood this summer.  Ted and Troy split enough to last through the fall for firepits

Finish one pile and another arrives.  With the recession it took some searching to find an excavator with wood lying around. lots are not being cleared, septics cleared and dug or drivewarys cut.   This is how we get most of our wood over the past few years from an excavator company, this year they have no jobs coming up to supply us with wood.  I had to make 10 phone calls to find this pile of popple.  Apparently we are the only firewood users in the Northwoods that like to burn popple.  Popple may not be the longest lasting wood, but it lights easy for folks that aren’t expert firestarters.  Try lighting oak on fire sometime and you will know the difference between popple and oak.  Just don’t steal oak from Troy’s secret winter wood supply in the other shed it earns you no points with him