Expressions like this mean one thing…. time for a horseshoe tournament.  It brings out competition and facial expressions that make you see people in a whole new light.  Who knew that sweet Sam Scully had a horseshoe alter ego inside of him

Definitely a whole other side of Sam was brought out by horseshoes

Sam Frisch the youngest in the tournament put everything he had in each throw

Sam happily beat his uncle Dan, something nobody was going to let Dan forget

In the end it came down to brother against brother… Danny vs Jimmy

What form…. form would be better Danny if you pulled your shorts up… it almost got him disqualified by his grandma Char

Ya think the competition between brothers was intense?

At the other end of the pits it was Jeanine vs Jordan

Jordan with great form managed to throw the final shoe and it was a good one!!!

Ringer and extra point to score the throw

1st place was supposed to be the Buck Hunter Red Wine… with 3 of the winners being under 21 an adjustment had to be made

Jeanine was happy to receive the wine for 2nd place with Jimmy and Danny and Jordan were happy to get their prize of Bullshit Repellent and T shirts from Rollie and Helens Muskie Shop

What happened to our winners from last year Mike and Julie…  Lets just say better luck next year when Danny and Jordan defend their title

Special thanks to Karey Ross for the pictures of the horseshoe tournament and the last 3 entries.  Karey is always a joy to stay at the resort as she has a great eye for pictures and takes lots of them.  Thanks Karey!!