10 years of competing against each other but both sides got together for a friendly pic.  A few were missing this year from both sides.  Black’s Cliff was outfitted glow stick wraps around their ankles for a cool night time look and Hilltop showed up in Life Preservers to Sink or Swim.  Everyone had a good time….  was there a score…..  I am sure, but we shall leave that a mystery in the camaraderie that it has created between the 2 resorts

Every year the Hilltop Crew shows up at Black’s Cliff with a new theme.  This year it was life preservers and this sign.  It is always interesting to see what they come up with.  My favorite was the year they had capes and were all super heroes

The Black’s Cliff look this year, neon wraps was a neat addition to the night time game

Game on

Black’s Cliff brought out their secret weapons, The Williams Sisters, Collete and Nancy who had the spin going on the ball

After a few drinks, Hilltop brought out their own secret weapon from volleyball retirement.

Black’s Cliff countered by bringing out Dr. Phil and his wine glass (aka Mike) to the front line

Hilltop had quite a cheering section doing some form of line dancing – cheering

In the end much fun was had…. til 2010 when we meet again