The Bullet from the East pulled into the Black’s Cliff driveway.  Better known as Dave Black Jr.  For years we have joked with Craig about his Ford cars.  During the 80’s he had a thing for Ford Fairmonts and had 2 matching ones in the driveway.  When the Black’s from the east arrived in their cars they always had us in envy, they were not Fords and they were always cool.  Craig finally got over his love of the Fairmont (they finally died and Katie flipped one) and now Dave Jr shows up in a Ford.  This is not your daddy’s Ford Fairmont!


I am sure we never opened the hood of the Fairmonts to look at the engines beyond making sure a squirrel had not died in the air filter.  Cool engine Dave…. I hear it goes 0 to 140 in a matter of seconds, the metal bar on top helps it hold to the road in the corners.  Maybe Katie needed that on Camp 9 road 25 years ago and she might have kept all 4 wheels of the Fairmont on the ground


Hey Uncle Craig, I will race you in your RV to the Ice Cream store