End of summer and things have slowed down a little bit.  What does that mean…  the remodeling starts.  Wigwam was next on the roofing list.  Craig wasted little time in making himself at home on the roof


2nd side almost done


When a project gets going at the resort there is never a shortage of inspectors that stop in.  Tom Lindeman stopped by to check out the progresss


Fastest nail gun in the North.  Keep in mind, this is his idea of a perfect retirement, coming over and roofing on Craig time 11:00 am til 4:00 pm.  Lunch provided and beers in the fridge at all times keeps the roofing tiles moving


Now here is the question, will he finish porch as well.  So far he has done 1/2 of Shamrock, Kaubashine both sides but not the porch, Muskie Inn both sides but not the porch.  The only absolutely completed roof so far is the office and it does not have a porch roof.  Craig has claimed he can get the porch done before Thursday when it is rented… we shall see.  Otherwise we will continue the new 2009 resort look of half rolled roofing and half shingles.  If he completed one porch roof it would just not look right with the rest of the resort 50- 50