I can honestly say this is the first Hello Kitty party to be had at the Cliff.  Last Labor Day it was the infamous Pink Monkey Party.  How do you top a Pink Monkey Party…..  Hello Kitty


Hello Kitty’s biggest fan…. underneath the glasses was the party girl Savannah…  queen for the day


Savannah and Victoria having their own Hello Kitty Party on the swinging bed.  Is there a better place to have a Hello Kitty Party than a swinging bed at Black’s Cliff with your bestest cousin Victoria


The outside party for those not invited up on the swinging bed.  There was a bouncer at the porch door Cole checking ID’s to get on Birchwood’s porch.  No Hello Kitty badge, you had to stay outside with the peanut gallery


Harrold once again keeping everyone fed and happy


Even if they did not make it past Cole onto the porch those outside were having a great time and fitting in with Savanah the hostess of the party.  I still think the Pink Monkey should have made the trip, give him glasses and he would have fit right in