Sunrise and I headed to the lake to find these interlopers loitering on the raft.  Looked like a late night drinking party that lasted a little too long


Hey nothing happened last night… we are innocent really… hiccup hiccup


Hey guys lets get our stories straight… we took a boat out to the raft and Ed stole it and left us all out here all night.  No hiccuping or we are busted..  Anyone got some mouth wash….


This picture is also begging for a caption.  My caption is “Hey Ethal I think it is your mom walking down the beach steps wondering where you slept last night… Oppps you were supposed to head up at sunrise we are soo busted”


1, 2, 3 jump in..  think we can swim straight


Race across the lake, watch out for the Muskie’s and Ethal’s mom….  Those are not police lights I see coming after underage drinking party on the raft… swim fast and don’t look back…. look normal and swim straight maybe they will pass by