Beautiful fall Sunday afternoon and a Packer’s Bi week.  Time to head out of the house to the road less traveled.  This road is Camp 9 at the end of Lower Kaubashine.  It leds out to our destination Squirrel Hill (aka Winter Park x-country ski area)  The road goes from paved to gravel to dirt.  No houses just lots of trees and spotty cell phone reception.  We headed out to see the fall colors off of Squirrel Hill the center of what is now known as Winter Park


Fire Tower that sits atop Squirrel Hill


The name has changed to Winter Park but at least the road still has the old name.  Squirrel Hill used to be a small local down hill ski area combined with x country skiing.  It had 2 tow ropes.  During the early 80’s insurance rates and vandelism forced its closure.  It reopened as a strictly x country park owned by the town of Mincoqua, and is now one of the best x country spots in Wisconsin.  On New Years Eve each year, they open up the front slope for sledding and it is fun to take a trip down the big hill again


Gate across the road forces you to enjoy a quiet and colorful walk up the hill



Many a teenager has taken a dare and climbed the steps to the top.  I am not sure if the top of the tower is still open and was not going to test the stairway.  With age comes wisdom


view off the hill with the color.  I believe the lake in the background is Squirrel Lake


Leaving Winter Park drivers in the winter have a choice, the safe and longer way out to Hwy 70, or brave the unplowed Camp 9 and Scotchman Lake roads better known as glorified snowmobile trails.  Many white knuckled drives have been done back to the resort.  Linda and John will also tell you a wild tale of picking up a hitchhiker on camp 9 with a chain saw and gun along the side of the road


On the way back to the resort we made a pit stop for a Geo Cache at Mercer Springs.  Living here my entire life it still amazes me the small out of the way places Geo Caching will led you that I never knew about.  Mercer Springs I assume somehow connects to Mercer Lake


Geo Cache spotted and logged.  Not a hard one


Bringing along a kayak and a fishing pole would have been a good idea.  Neat out of the way place.  Topped the afternoon with a caramel apple at Mincoqua Fudge