It was a beautiful fall day.   The Packers were playing Detroit and the first half was enough of a game to see, so off down the road we went on the hunt of a geo cache.  We headed to the notorious Camp 9 road that connects to an even more infamous Manhardt Road.


No power lines, no houses, dirt road and lots of nothing.  Manhardt is a scary road to be on in the winter.  If you miss the 90 degree turn that Camp 9 does on the way to Winter Park to ski, you end up on Manhardt where there are no plowed turn arounds for 10 miles.  Only lots of snow, snowmobiles and large animals, not a place to be during a snow storm.  Today it was much safer to wander down.  Firelanes had trucks parked in them from folks bow hunting.  Some of the land is private and others is paper company land, all of it is deserted and only really used for hunting and hiding dead bodies from the days of the Chicago Mafia


After much driving we were out in the north and western end of the Willow Flowage, by Willow Lake which flows into the Willow through a river.  The drive out was beautiful.  This picnic area is about a 25 minute drive from the resort


Really neat area.  We walked across the rocks and through rocks in the pool.  This area will be neat to return to in the spring for fish spawning like we do at Cedar Falls


There is a picnic area and benches to sit at to watch the river go by


Geo Cache spotted and signed.  This is the reason we go caching in the Minocqua area as it brings us to some amazing new spots we never knew about www.geocaching.com will led you on your own adventure in your hometown enter your zip code and see what pops up


My favorite sign of the day.  Not sure where the barrel was