The sun came out and the Northwoods started melting this afternoon.  Internet as lost Friday afternoon along with all cell phone coverage in Hazelhurst from a tower being down.  11pm Friday night we lost electric due to ice on the lines.  Between the 2 events the only communication to Black’s Cliff was through the cord phone in the kitchen.  Even the answering machine was out due to electricity.  Thankfully by 2pm all was back in operation and we were connected to the outside world again


Just about all the snow that came down last night melted by 2.  We did head out last night in the storm to get a movie and pizza. The little video store on Blue Lake Road across from Life Spring Coffee shop choose this weekend to close its doors and shut down.  Minocqua Pizza Company was warm and good food as usual one of the only things working in the Northwoods last night and this morning


I hear we are in for a rainy week.  It will be interesting to see where the lake levels are at the end of the week