Who says we don’t get into our work.  It is fall cleaning time now that it is slowing down a bit.  You can’t say Olga does not get the corners.  I came in the cabin looking for her and heard a voice from the back of the kitchen


Amazing how much stuff is really in the cupboards


Marcy the queen of the Firbie.  I found a special ceiling fan cleaner we are trying out.  From the amount of sneezing from Marcy I think it was working


No dust ball escape’s Marcy’s eye


Taking out the blue dock for the winter.  The last of the docks to head out


Do the guys ever take out or put in a dock without a winter hat on?


For those that are wondering what the old wood snag looks like in late fall.  Peaceful and reflecting


The raft looking a bit lonely without the docks.  Rumor has it, the raft will be coming into winter shore tormorrow