Time to clean up the boats before winter.  One of the few times the power washer comes out.  Troy above saying a few foul words trying to get it started…


When acorns are combined with a hibernating s quirrel and the engine of the power washer it is not a good thing for Troy’s mood.  After many foul words and raising the bounty on the local red squirrel population the motor finally started.  It is now a bounty of 5 dollars a squirrel


Finally getting something done


No acorns were found in the leaf blower engine and Steve officially started the leaf raking season by blowing off the roofs and tree house.  I think he designed the roof of the tree house with the old TV Antennea just so he could stand up in the middle of it even now at 6 ‘4


Just another day at the office enjoying the scenery


Jan and Alan taking notes on what to do with tall those leaves when their house is done next fall and they are raking their own yard in the Northwoods.  Alan is installing the best anti squirrel system that he can find to avoid creative acorn stashing