We left the Northwoods for the weekend for a visit with family, thus no blog entries for a few days.  The Resort, John Deer Gator Keys, guinea pigs and Poe were in the capable hands of Nathan and Jamie.  Thanks to them for keeping an eye on things while Grandpa Gibson took us down a road less traveled in the Minivan.


We were off on a country adventure through all sorts of small cemeteries looking for Geo Caches.  This one we almost did not find and when we did had to fish it out of the pipe.  Putting it back in Troy threw a few more rocks down the tube and caused the top to not fit.  A few neighbors drove by slowing down to check out the suspicious family tearing apart the graveyard.


After using 2 screwdrivers and many rocks we got everything back into place before the police arrived to check us out


We had been talking for 2 years about visiting Meridean to find The Ghost of Meridean geocache.  It was supposed to have ghosts and the hounds of hell being spotted in the area.  Took us awhile to find the cemetary.  Ran into a local who talked about visiting the cemetary at night and being chased off by a gun carrying neighbor.  We were happy to see the neighbor did not look like he was home


We did not see anything unusual, but it was definitely the smallest and creepiest cemetery I have ever been to.


After geo caching we took a trip out to the Coon Creek Farm to visit Vince, Julie, Sasha and Illian our favorite Organic chicken and turkey farmers.  We got up close and personal with a few of the locals


Some of us got a little closer than others…  did we have a hitchhiker back to the Northwoods….. I shall leave you in suspense.  We did head out with our Thanksgiving turkeys for the whole family and filled a few cartons of eggs.  If you have never tried organic free range birds or eggs there is truly a difference.  Thanks Vince and Julie.

Time to head back to the Northwoods to get Deer Camp 2009 ready for the arriving hunters next weekend