It was a duck gathering on Lower Kaubashine this morning.  I spotted these and about 30 others gathering a still Lower Kaubashine this morning.  I know there is a duck guru out there that knows what kind they are.  Without looking them up I believe they are Merganzers?


They were all camera shy and took off to the other side of the lake.  You can see in this pic how still the lake was


Everything out and lake shore ready for winter


My favorite shot of the snag showing bare trees and quiet late fall on Lower Kaubashine

I am starting to put together the 2010 calendar they are going to be 20 a piece.  If you are interested send me an email at info@blackscliff.com with how many you would like so I get an idea of how many I am ordering.  I hope to put them in the mail after Thanksgiving or the 1st week in December so they will be in plenty of time for being under the tree