Public Enemy number 3 ( Red’s are number 1, Gray’s are number 2)  Filled up the winter bird feeders and who should come in to check out my regular feeders and cleaned them out?  Yep and war was declared, we pulled out the Yankee Droll, Squirrel Flipper


Troy putting up the squirrel flipper and adding some inciting carrots to lure the squirrels in to be flung off.  This feeder provides hours on entertainment as it flips squirrels off but lets the birds land.  It is a little pricey, but the enjoyment of seeing the squirrels take a trip off the deck is priceless.  A complete line of the Yankee Droll Feeders are now available in Minocqua at Minocqua Hardware 5 minutes from the resort, if anyone out there feels the need to add one to their home yard


The squirrels truly bring out another side of Troy’s personality


I waited by the door for an hour to catch a squirrel flying but they were not cooperating.  I think word had gotten out or they knew it was too good to be true that we would leave carrots dangling for the enjoyment of the squirrels.  At least the point got made to the little buggers and the feeders have been left alone