I have decided to try something new that is cheaper for the 2010 Black’s Cliff Calendar.  I am ordering the calendars individually for everyone directly from Walgreens on their credit card one order at a time.  That way they ship directly to you.  It makes 2 calendars 37 dollars and some change instead of 40 if I have to ship them also when they come to me.

Also then, I can order them at anytime for you the calendar is saved on my Walgreens account.  Right now any orders I put in are 30% off from now til next Saturday.  I will be calling folks that ordered and get their credit card info.  Anyone else who wants in on them, send me an email at info@blackscliff.com and include your phone number (not credit card info) and I will give you a call to order

Thanks, I think the calendars came out nice.  The month of August is my favorite