The first weekend of Deer Camp was a little slow, due to the fact that no does could be taken in our zone.  These guys found a nice 7 point buck a few miles away and said there was a story about “Da Thirty Point Buck” that got away.  They were not sharing that story just having a few beers to help get over Da Loss.

Speaking of Da Thirty Point Buck, is Northern Wisconsin the only place this song is played along with “The 2nd week at Deer Camp” from Da Yuppers?  I have consulted Atlanta Georgia where they do deer hunt but no one besides Linda knows this song.  In Minocqua it is on the radio over and over and over again…..    Linda claims nobody outside of the Midwest can understand the Lingo in the song….  I think they are missing a classic…  Nothing like the belching Clyde in Da Thirty Point Buck to make you think of this time of year