You could tell it was getting a little colder around the resort over Thanksgiving.  The winter hats and gloves were spotted around the resort.  We ended up with a full house for the weekend with folks enjoying time with a family and a few hunters still trying for the big buck.  Military folks are allowed to shoot a doe and we had a nice big doe taken across the road from the resort this weekend.


Table set for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal in Birchwood


Al and Roberta enjoying the holiday and waiting for Tommy to put down the camera for everyone to eat.


This year the lake was still open, some years it is froze over by Thanksgiving.  How do you wear off a big Thanksgiving meal?  A little fishing from shore.  Tommy was trying for the fish of 10,000 casts


Al hit his 10,000th cast and brought in this small muskie.  Even a small Muskie has him grinning from ear to ear and wishing Jimmy a happy Thanksgiving back in Chicago.  Only a few months and 9,999 casts til the next muskie in May.  I think the next one will be a little bigger, either way it was fun for Al to catch one last muskie for the season

Muskie fishing, warm hats, beautiful table, pumpkin bread and family (minus Jimmy and Tina) Thanksgiving does not get much better than at the Cliff