The victim of the day.  Craig was home for 5 days and had his eyes on a few dead trees that needed to come down.  The largest one of the season he has been looking at for a few years and is precariously close to Restawhile with a lean in the direction of the cabin.  With lots of practice with the new come a long system he learned from The Black Bullet from the East (aka Dave Black Jr) this August, he felt confident to gamble Restawhile on his ability to take it down.  Also note, neither Restawhile or Wildflower were roofed this summer and the insurance was paid up.


The tree in question (aka Restawhile’s laundry line post)  One of the biggest Red Pines in the resort.  Looking towards the top you can see it is dead and waiting for the right wind storm to come down.  Comment from the threesome…  are you sure Jenny paid the insurance last month… how about the workman’s comp insurance


Ever hear of a guy named Babe Ruth making the call on the home run…  Craig making the call on where the fall would happen, if everything went right


Setting down the target.  Would the tree hit the target?


Notice the small white pine in front of the Red Pine, this tree was planted by me 10 years ago.  My requirement don’t hit my ^%&^ tree, insurance does not cover the tree.  Linda needs something to tie her laundry line to in the summer


Starting the cut.  Notice how close both of these big trees are to Restawhile


Steve making sure the angle is right


Troy knocking out the first notch.  Notice he takes the job that involves no blame if things go wrong


Ready for the final cut from the boss.  Insurance company take note of who is holding the saw


Rope hooked up, Steve cranking the come a long up.  Notice who is ready to run if needed.  Troy has taken down enough trees with Steve and Craig to know having an escape route ready is a good thing.


Headed in the right direction.  Tightening up the come a long as the tree gets caught up on other trees


This is the interesting part, the cum a long is being tightened up and the tree is being pulled down and the stress is building in the tree to head to the ground in the direction of Troy and Steve who are cranking on the come a long.


Get the ____ out of the way she is coming down fast….


Craig pointing out how close he came to the target


Ok one down and ready to take down number 2


Steve cleaning things up..  Anyone need a table?


The peanut gathering giving their 2 sense worth and congratulations


Wise generation 2, watching over the big cut of generation 3.  Little more to the left




Great when a plan works out


Am I good or what?


Poe offering his congratulations but missing a tree he enjoyed marking


Victim number 2 and the 3rd tree


Notice the lean of this oak over Wildflower.  Steve on the ground happy Craig decided to go up the ladder and not him.


Eagle circling over eying up Craig in the tree.


Craig calling in a few favors


Are these knots Boy Scout approved?


More wisdom being imparted from the ages.  Steve asking for it in writing that this was under Craig’s approval and anything hit credit goes to Craig


hey anyone remember to block off the entrance to the resort from anyone driving in?


Politicians take note, Mission Accomplished…  and nothing hit!