The cabin of the day.  No trees were falling around Birchwood like in yesterday’s blog entry.  Craig and Lynnette were headed off into the friendly skies of Mexico and the trees and cabins breathed a sigh of relief for a few weeks.  Birchwood got a different sort of attention involving trees from Steve and Troy


The poles in front of the cabin were showing need of being replaced.  Instead of getting a boring old regular skinned pole, Steve had a brainstorm.  Birchwood should have Birchwood outside of it.  The missing pictures are Steve and Troy heading off to the swamp with old decking to use to cross the river.  Steve had his eye on some silver birch through the swamp and over the river.  What I would have given for the pics of them crossing the river with these logs on old decking.  I am sure the imagination does not do the reality justice


Making the exact measurements.


It gets as exact as the chainsaw will let him.  Best thing if you screw up, just make more firewood


Craig did not authorize any new nails for this project and Troy and Steve made sure that no new nails were used in this project.  Who needs nice new straight nails?  Where is the challenge in that?


Getting the pole in position



Taking out pole number 2


Ya know if it is not straight or level, we can blame it on the crooked nails.