You should know better when things are going along well there is always a snafoo waiting in wings.  Big storm caused us all to stay in yesterday and get things done like end of the year books, christmas presents ordered on line and a batch of Christmas cookies with bored kids.

Today was to be the clean up day behind the storm, getting the last of the snow banks cleaned up.  Took 3 kids to school in the plow truck so Steve could use it at Life Spring to clean up his entrances.  Got everyone dropped off, gas in the truck, coffee in hand at Life Spring while Steve takes the first swipe at snow…..  and….  Plow on the plow truck will not go up.  Good News Steve had the plow headed into the driveway and parked it by a snowbank off the highway.  Bad News, how do you get a truck with a 1/2 ton plow dragging on the ground to the shop to get fixed.  I have heard solutions of winching the plow up with a come along to changing the toggle switch on the control.  All of the above are being discussed between Troy and Steve in the cold of Life Spring.  Will the truck make it to the garage…. tune back in

In the meantime, time is short this morning and I ran into this interesting blog about skiing with the local wildlife out west that I thought was interesting, Enjoy