I warned ya, the conversion and swearing has commenced.  I do like the new Mac, just figuring out all the bells and whistles plus Christmas Shopping and getting cabins ready for Christmas has been a challenge.  I will have more time tomorrow, Thursday, to figure out my pictures on to the Mac to do some uploads.  In the end the conversion is a good thing but I do not recommend doing it during the Christmas rush.  The old PC is headed off to internet land to have some hardware fixed under warranty.  Good news is after it comes back we will have 2 computers and having one down will not handicap the Birchbark Blog and my email abilities.

Til then I need to get all my websites favorites on to the Mac and how in the world do I move my address book in Outlook Express over to a Mac.  Do not tell me I have to enter each one individually or my head may pop off and spin around