Ok, laugh all you want… why a picture of a boot and nothing else?  I took 4 pics this morning this being one of them to experiment with loading on to the Mac, editing, figuring out what folder they were in on the Mac, resizing them for the blog, and finally uploading them.  Somewhere in the exporting of them from Iphoto to my blog picture file I only sent this one and do not have time to figure out where the *&^^ the others are.

Why a pic of a boot?  The boot department of Black’s Cliff is sorrily in bad shape.  Troy stole this boot from Cliff last spring realizing Cliff had better boots than he did at the end of the winter.  We went to Fleet Farm to buy him new ones yesterday and in the process of 2 carts of Christmas shopping and resort shopping ended up with the wrong size of boots for Troy.  Call it Christmas shopping stress.  So this morning he was siliconing the old boots to keep the water out til we go back to Fleet Farm.  I am lucky the duck tape was not used.

So til I get a better lesson from Bryon on Iphoto you will have to deal with this one picture of an ugly boot:)

I do like the Mac and would not go back to the PC at all.  I just need a class in how to use it