Yes!!  The Mac and the blog are talking in unison!!!  I have found my picture files and have Iphoto and exporting to files figured out!!  I will work on the size of pics next.  Snow on the ground.  I have seen ice fishermen out and the local elementary school has a parking lot full of snowmobiles from the 12, 13 and 14 year olds snowmobiling to school (only Sarah Palin calls them snow machines)  The highschool parking lot is even scarier now, not only is there beginning drivers on their first snow, now compound it with 15 – 18 year olds on snowmobiles trying to find a parking spot.  You take your life in your own hands around the high school.  Bear Skin trail has snowmobile tracks up it, trails are open


Wood pile getting buried in the first snows of the year.  I have been hearing rumblings of a Christmas Eve and Day storm.  Could be interesting.  We still do not have the big plow back.  Most spots have been cleaned up by the John Deer Gator. We even headed down Craig’s driveway today which had never been plowed to open up for him.  He is returning from the balmy south with a suntan tonight.  He will have a rude awakening tomorrow to temps in the single digits


With the cold night time temps, Troy has his ice candle production in full tilt.  Stop in for a ice candle if you are in the area we have plenty of them

I think I am staring to love this Mac.  Still fumbling with a few things, but the ease of use is amazing between it and the PC.  Bryon and Katie were right about the Toyota Sienna and Macintosh computers, just took us awhile to catch up with them.  If you are looking at a new computer in 2010 take time to stop into a Mac store you will not be disappointed just needs a bit of adjustment