Woods looking full of snow and tracks in the snow


What were the tracks in the snow?  No idea, pretty sure they were not Poe looking for a place to use


I think this pic depicts the amount of snow in the woods pretty good.  Not a ton but plenty to play in.  The storm at the end of the week is supposed to dump a bit.  We should be getting an idea on the amounts tomorrow morning.  Keep an eye on www.johndee.com is the best forecast in the midwest


Later in the day I returned to find Steve shoveling the steps down to the ice


Ice rink shoveled off while I was in town.  Notice the speed skate track around the hockey rink Steve shoveled.  Also one of the kids left a message in the snow beyond the ice rink.  HELLO



Trail out to the rink if you dare, bring your own stick and a puck.  I think there will be a few hours spent at the lake this break