Merry Christmas from our family to yours.


The great Christmas storm of 2009 hit and we spent the day plowing and shoveling out.  We got about 7 inches or so new snow on top of what we already had.  We did receive over night some sleet/rain but not enough to damage the snow we have.  The trails in the area both snowmobile and x country are in good shape.  We are supposed to now get cold and have a few more inches of snow come down on top of what we have.  I have openings everyday except for the 31st and 1st.  If you are sitting in rain to the south and ice give a call we have room and snow!


The ice rink at the lake has been shoveled off and the hockey games have started.  Come down if you dare.  The lake is a solid 5 inches thick of ice maybe more.  We will keep the rink clear as long as the boys are home to keep it cleared.


Back to eating cookies and shoveling snow.